How it all started

As far back as I can remember, I know that I always loved being in the kitchen, either watching Mum make homemade treats for my brother and I or having a good old go myself.  My Nana was also a great homebaker and her chocolate cake took some beating.  At school I toyed with the idea of choosing catering / food production as a career but somehow got sidetracked and found myself working for a large blue chip company, starting off with secretarial work, then transferring into HR for a while.  A three year stint working in London for an advertising agency was a fantastic experience - something I think anyone who has the chance to do should!  After more years than I care to mention on the corporate treadmill I began to long for a different type of life and finding myself pushed into a role that made me incredibly unhappy, I decided to bite the bullet and try something else.  Starting off small, making cakes and bakes for close friends and family, my network grew through meeting some fabulous local traders who introduced me to the world of Farmer's markets and invited me and my wares along.  This was wonderful for me - to be able to create my very own bakes and sell them to people who loved them and kept coming back for more.  So satisfying to make something that you know people just love.  My business has grown in the year of 2014 with me baking for two local cafes in Hertfordshire, and my commitment to the Farmer's Markets has continued.  I feel very lucky to have been able to choose a career that I love and am passionate about..

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